Jewellery Care


    Whilst we all forget to take our jewellery off sometimes, here are some tips to keep your Hardy to Hudson Jewellery looking awesome for as long as possible.


    • Store your jewellery in a clean, dry place away from other metals.
    • Remove jewellery before exercising, swimming, showering or sleeping.
    • Polish any gold or silver elements of your jewellery with a soft cloth to bring it back to it's original shine.
    • Avoid spraying perfume directly on your jewellery as it can tarnish metals and beads.
    • Take care when using lotions or creams as some ingredients can damage jewellery
    • Not Suitable for young children due to tiny parts.


    TOP TIP * If you get a kink or area of unravelling in your silk thread then use your finger tips to add a dab of water to the affected area and smooth or twist back into shape.

    Our silk wrap bracelets and necklaces will not last as long if constantly worn and exposed to water and although some customers pop it on and never take it off we don't recommend this as we want your jewellery to last you longer.


    Our bracelets and necklaces that are on a gold or silver clasp and all anklets are strung using the best quality nylon coated stainless steel beading wire and is waterproof so this may be a better option for water babies that like to leave their jewellery on.

    Your Jewellery Questions?

    We hope you love your Hardy to Hudson jewellery and please contact us below if you have any questions.

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