Our Story


Hi there! I'm Victoria, the founder of Hardy to Hudson and my home studio, based in Buckinghamshire, is where I handcraft all your beaded jewellery.


Having always had a passion for creating jewellery, I previously studied silversmithing and worked with wood and resin before discovering the vibrant world of beads in 2020, I realised it was the perfect medium to translate all the amazing memories and emotions of my travels into tangible, wearable art. 


Growing up, I split my time between the UK, Spain, and Florida mostly by the coast, which left a love of the ocean ingrained on my heart. Bitten by the travel bug I went on to see more of the world with my job as an air stewardess then moved to New York for a short stint before returning back home to the UK.


From a very young age I've always being drawn to artisan markets and the little independent shops found on holiday and always had to find that perfect piece of jewellery to bring home as a memento of my travels for that little bit of holiday nostalgia. Even today my husband know's and joins in on my holiday searches around markets and the cutest little shops!


Each bracelet, necklace, earrings or anklet that I make are an opportunity to recreate the beautiful colours and cultures of the many amazing destinations I have visited and those yet to be explored! It's about capturing those special moments and feelings - the warmth of the sun on your skin, the sound of waves crashing on the shore or sharing a sunset drink in that cute little bar. 


I hope your Hardy to Hudson jewellery will elicit fun and playful memories of exploring for you too or join you on your own trips for new adventures!


I’m personally a fan of the effortless, casual vibe that can easily go from day to night and I like delicate jewellery that can still add a pop of colour and a touch of wanderlust to any outfit. Being layerable means you can wear my jewellery solo for a subtle look or mix and match to create your own unique style.


Oh, and one more thing - I'm a total stickler for quality. I only use the best quality materials, like sterling silver, 14k gold fill (an affordable option to solid gold that is anti-allergenic and won't tarnish), gorgeous silk threads and Japanese glass and gemstone beads.

My first partner in crime, my beautiful Momma!

The memories and passion for all things new and exciting and being inspired by amazing places started young with many adventures around the globe with my Momma and never left me.

And let's not forget that 80's fashion!

The inspiration for our designs.

Travel and that wanderlust yearning to be back by the ocean inspires me in everything I make. The organic mixture of colours in nature and the vibrant socially influenced aesthetics are what I use when creating new treasures for you.